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Bio-ITech is a full service company that provides all the support your organisation needs to implement Electronic Lab Notebooks, Laboratory Information Management Systems, Scientific Data Management Systems, or Inventory and Sample Tracking Systems. Our services include system hosting and maintenance, data migration, training and support, and customization to tailor our software solutions according to your needs. If you are looking to implement a flexible Laboratory Execution System that includes an Electronic Lab Notebook, Sample Tracking, SOP management and Resource Planning, Bio-ITech is your partner.

System Hosting, Maintenance and Back-ups

With our Cloud or Private Cloud solutions, we provide a fully managed hosting solution to organisations without the need to invest in hardware, additional infrastructure, or any overhead of system maintenance. We take care of system hosting, monitoring, maintenance, data back-ups and support. Bio-ITech provides all its cloud services from high-end and fully redundant ISO-certified data centers. For organisations that require full system control and storage of data on in-house servers, we also support on-premises system installation.

Technical Implementation and Software Updates

Whether our software is installed on the organization server or is hosted as a cloud service, Bio-ITech supports system installation and facilitates integration with organisation authentication systems (LDAP/AD/SSO). System maintenance and software updates are part also part of the services we provide. Using an automatic update mechanism, we ensure that users in your organisation always have access to the latest software version and can benefit from new features and updates.

Software Customization and Data Migration

In case your organisation requires additional customization of the software, Bio-ITech can provide these services. Using our Software Development kit (SDK) and API, custom plugins can easily be integrated in our software products to tailor the application according to your needs. We also facilitate data migration, including data import and export to deliver a ready-to-use system from the start.

Training and Support

Although all our software is very intuitive and easy to use without extensive training, Bio-ITech supports organisations with implementation of our software products. Bio-ITech offers dedicated training to system key-users and end-users, and assists in system configuration. Supported trials or end-user demonstrations are also part of the services we provide.

” Technical Support is prompt and always helpful, prioritizing my individual requirements. ”

Ben Scherer, CSIRO